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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I have to do to achieve Investors in Pupils?

Schools that achieve the Investors in Pupils award demonstrate a commitment to all members of its learning community, they are committed to listening to, involving and actively engaging pupils in their learning and wider school community.

This begins with the visual impact of the learning environment. Schools starting the award often display the following:

In the classroom:

  • Mission statement/ Vision statement/ Class charter/ Class Promise written by the pupils;
  • A class target that has been agreed by all class members and is reviewed and change regularly;
  • Personal targets for each class member that are agreed, reviewed and changed with supporting adults.

Other displays could include:

  • Staff (including Governors) roles and responsibilities;
  • Pupils roles and responsibilities;
  • School budget;
  • Attendance;
  • Induction materials, e.g. book, video or presentations written by the pupils for new class members.

Investors in Pupils is a whole school approach and assessors will interview range of stakeholders including parents, Governors, staff and pupils. How you communicate information about the award should be considered as part of your school’s action plan.

For comprehensive information please download the Investors in Pupils handbook.

Will I have to put a portfolio of evidence together?

Investors in Pupils is a non-portfolio based award. Your application for assessment includes a school self-review and the assessor will need evidence that the award is a whole school approach and has an element of sustainability. Schools often share action plans, extracts of the SDP/SEF, presentation and photographs with assessors who are happy to view them.

Who do I pay for the assessment?

The Investors in Pupils central team is based at Leeds City Council and all purchase orders should be raised to Leeds City Council.

What is the impact as a result of achieving the award?

These may vary and will often link to one of the five areas (learning ,behaviour, school and classroom management, induction and attendance) of the award that you choose to focus on in school.

  • Resources being more respected, because pupils understand that everything has a cost;

  • Support staff are more respected because pupils understand that they have an equally important job to do, as everyone else;

  • Pupils become more involved in school life;

  • Pupils understand the process of target setting and why everyone needs them;

  • It helps schools identify examples of good practice in individual classes and make them consistent across the school.

Many schools can demonstrated a quantitative impact on attendance and behaviour as a result of principles of Investors in Pupils that strengthens and underpins the whole school ethos.

How much does Investors in Pupils cost?

The cost of the assessment includes a plaque for you school. It is determined by the number of pupils on roll:

Up to 100 pupils - £659;

101-420 pupils - £769;

421-800 pupils - £879;

801 pupils and over - £949.

Some Local Authorities or local Investors in Pupils advisors provide packages of support. These may vary and charges for training may be incurred. If you are not sure you your local advisor is please be in touch with the central team.

How long does it take to complete the award?

We do not set timescales. Although most schools take around a year to implement the award, often starting with transition activities at the end of the academic year or a launch of Investors in Pupils at the beginning of term. Larger schools might start with a year group or key stage before rolling out to the rest of the school.

Why should I register an interest?

By registering an interest you are able to access further information about the award via the website.

We will also keep you up to date with events in your area such as open mornings and with news updates (termly).

We never pass your details on to other parties, and you can ask us to stop these emails at anytime.

How does the secondary model vary from the primary model?

There are two key areas in which it differs:  

  • You may choose to implement the standard in one year group or Key Stage, followed by the whole school at reassessment.

  • The award criteria is differentiated appropriately to suit age and ability by qualified assessors. Secondary aged students are expected to have deeper knowledge about the award criteria and be able to demonstrate a greater understanding of their role within school and beyond.

How does Ofsted view Investors in Pupils?

Below you will find a number of extracts from Ofsted reports.

“Pupils develop respect for and understanding of different faiths, cultures and lifestyles, and are very well prepared for life in modern democratic Britain. The school has earned the Investors in Pupils award, as part of which pupils have discovered how their school is run, their role in it and how they can make a difference. A wide range of additional activities helps pupils develop broader skills and extends their learning. Lunchtime and after-school clubs, including music, cheer leader and sports clubs, are immensely popular.” Ofsted, St Augustine’s RC Primary School, Hoddeson. 

“Initiatives, such as Investors in Pupils, are used well to develop pupils’ understanding of the benefits of good behaviour and the roles they can play to support the community. Pupils proudly take on various responsibilities and carry out their duties in a mature way. These opportunities help them to gain personal skills and confidence and so contribute well to the school’s day-to-day working. “ Ofsted, Someries Junior School, Luton.

St Lukes CE Primary School
"Through the Investors in Pupils initiative, they have a secure grasp of all aspects of the school including research into the budget, appreciation of the work of all staff and the governors and awareness of management skills".

"Working towards Investors in Pupils status has resulted in all classes having an excellent understanding of their school and local communities".

"Pupils are well-prepared for the world of work through the Investors in Pupils Award which develops a sense of responsibility and boosts confidence and respect".

Warwick Road Junior Infant and Nursery School
"Involvement in the Investors in Pupils scheme has heightened pupils' awareness of their individual and joint responsibilities within the school community".

Holly Primary School
“The school places a strong emphasis on developing social skills, as recognised by its recent Investors in Pupils status”.

Moorlands Primary 
“The work for Investors in Pupils is evident in the pupils’ outstanding behaviour and in their excellent contribution to the school and wider community.”

Blakehill Primary School 
“The Investors in Pupils programme has had a marked effect on pupils' ability to take responsibility for their personal and academic development and on the extent to which they can contribute to school life”.

Does your school’s Ofsted Report mention Investors in Pupils? If so please let us know and you could see your school on our website. Please email details to

Our school has a nursery, does this need to be included in our Investors in Pupils work and will it be assessed?

Nurseries are not assessed, but it is generally regarded as good practice to include some elements of the mark in the nursery such as a class vision statement and a group target.

Do you have to achieve Investors in People before you can work towards Investors in Pupils?

The two quality standards are completely independent, and run by two separate organsiations.

Does Investors in Pupils look different in different schools?

Yes, every school is different after all.

I can’t remember my password, what do I do?

You can request a password reset via the members home page,  Choose login, enter your username and lcik password reset.  An email will be sent your registered email address, usually the same as your username.

How long does the award last?

The award lasts for 3 years from the month of the assessment.

Can a school have more than one registered user?

Yes, individual members of staff can create their own login linked to the same school.

My email address has changed what should I do?

You can still login using your old email address as your username, and you should update your contact information on your profile page.

When should I apply for the Investors in Pupils award?

You can apply for an assessment visit at any time during the school year. Please give us 6 weeks notice of your requested dates so that there is time to match an assessor to your school and for them to have contact with you to arrange the timetable of the assessment visit as well as a short telephone interview. You can give multiple dates for an assessment visit. Assessments take place throughout term time and are not limited to the summer term.

What do schools say about Investors in Pupils?

“Provides the school with a way forward for future improvement.”  Co-Headteacher, Primary School.

 “Gave a really good opportunity to evaluate how far we are moving ourselves forward and ensuring the pupils remain at the heart of what we do.” Teacher , Nursery, Infant & Junior School.

 “Engagement with the Investors in Pupils award has been the most effective of all our awards in terms of school improvement and pupil involvement.” Headteacher, Infant School.

“We valued the acknowledgement that Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres (SILCs) need to adapt Investors in Pupils and differentiate it, not just for the school, but also for particular groups of pupils e.g. specialist autism provision. Great to have an assessor with special school experience.”  Vice Principal, Broomfield South SILC.

“All Investors in Pupils areas have had an impact. All children know their targets. It’s not only academic I see this as life skills." Headteacher, St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School.

"Investors in Pupils award recognises the commitment and achievement of the whole school community. It demonstrates how all our pupils are valued and helps our learners to improve and understand how they can contribute to their community and guide their learning journey."  Headteacher, Mount Pleasant Primary School.

If you still have a question, please get in touch using the following: Phone: 0113 378 5254 Email: