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Tania Ackernley

I have been the Investors in Pupils (IiPu) Co-ordinator at Horton Grange Primary School for over 6 years. I am also a full time class teacher so I understand the time pressures that teaching staff are under. I fully believe in the benefits that IiPu can bring to any school and have taken our school through both the assessment and re assessment process. We are a very large, inner city primary school in Bradford, we have well over the national average for free school meals and Special Educational Needs (SEN), and extremely high mobility. We have found the IiPu process to be extremely valuable in supporting our children to high attendance, excellent team work and motivation in all areas of school life, in order to achieve the progress of which they are capable. The five key areas of IiPu are key to our ethos as a school.

I am delighted to join the IiPu assessor team and to support other schools in gaining, maintaining and further developing this extremely valuable award.

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